Seaside: A Poem

Walk across the tip-toe sand, grains of embers Burning in the sun, hold your flyaway hat upon your head, Skirts in hand, flying in the fleeting winds along with the clouds, Down to the water’s edge, let your aching feet rest in the cooler waves, Salt-licked wounds, and breathe. The wind is lukewarm in your … More Seaside: A Poem

Cleanse: A Poem

Let me breathe the free air once more; Let me feel the wind in my hair and the Earth between my toes, heather Under the soles of my feet, let me run On the moors and across the sands and through the waves And taste the salt and the sun, and let The days flow … More Cleanse: A Poem

Where Now: A Poem

Hi there! Hope you enjoy this short poem that I wrote this evening. But where now Do you sleep, now that The tide has come in and swept away The driftwood, the palace That you built from weeds Adorned with sea glass, smoothed By salt as you have been, Rough edges eroded Away by time? … More Where Now: A Poem

Driftwood: A Poem

Hi there! I hope you enjoy this evening’s poem, about life and storms and how the concepts of the two collide. Be still; pause The rush, the stream, the tide, The constant ebb and flow of life, Dragging you like driftwood To crash against the cliffs, hurled By waves shaped by the storm of living; … More Driftwood: A Poem

Voyager: An Extract

Hi there! Please enjoy this latest short extract of mine. “It’s a long way,” he told me, as if I didn’t know. As if that wasn’t the point. “I know.” He looked at me, a slight frown creasing on the weather-beaten skin between his eyebrows. “Long time too. Seven weeks at sea.” He sucked on … More Voyager: An Extract

Boundary: A Poem

Hi there! Please enjoy this poem that I wrote this afternoon. There is a place I know Down by the sea where The waves crash over the rocks With such ferocity That salt whips through the air to the clifftops, And the thunder of the swells Drowns the seagulls’ screams.   I shall say goodbye … More Boundary: A Poem