Scent: A Short Story

My feet make a soft thumping sound on the fluffy surface of the ground; the two-legged ones put this softness here many sunsets ago, and even though it smells now of dust, and the bare feet of my two-legged companions, as well as the tasty treats that the small one spilled everywhere the sunset before … More Scent: A Short Story

The Musician: A Tale

Hi there! Please enjoy this short story – I was going for a  more traditional version of fairy tales in which ‘Fairies’ are ancient, dark, and creepy, rather than their more modern interpretation as cute flowery things at the end of the garden. I hope you enjoy! They say the Fae live in these woods. … More The Musician: A Tale

Voyager: An Extract

Hi there! Please enjoy this latest short extract of mine. “It’s a long way,” he told me, as if I didn’t know. As if that wasn’t the point. “I know.” He looked at me, a slight frown creasing on the weather-beaten skin between his eyebrows. “Long time too. Seven weeks at sea.” He sucked on … More Voyager: An Extract