Where Now: A Poem

Hi there! Hope you enjoy this short poem that I wrote this evening. But where now Do you sleep, now that The tide has come in and swept away The driftwood, the palace That you built from weeds Adorned with sea glass, smoothed By salt as you have been, Rough edges eroded Away by time? … More Where Now: A Poem

Where Now? A Poem

Hi there! Just a very short poem this evening, but I don’t think any more words would make it any better – it says everything it needs to say. I hope you enjoy.   Where now Shall I find peace, Now I have lost My place of ease ?

Lost: A Poem

Hi there! Please enjoy this short little poem that I wrote this evening. I am forsaken In my hour of need, watching The clock tick on, and The stars whirl, but never finding Any sleep.  

Dream Cloud: A Poem

Hi there! It’s quite late, so just a short poem this evening so that I can get off to sleep! I hope you enjoy. I will float away on a storm-cloud, warmed by little spurts of lightning, casting shadows over my eyes to keep me sleeping through the night.