Moonlight: A Poem

Hi there! I was stuck for ideas for ages this evening but eventually I came up with this, which I hope you enjoy. Moonlight sits quietly in the night, Casting light on pieces of star-dust in the air That drift like down, gently through the shadows; The luminescence pools In silence on still waters, Unbroken … More Moonlight: A Poem

Two Poems

Hi there! Here are two short poems that I wrote this evening, and that I hope you enjoy. To Replace The Darkness Fill me up with stars To fill the corners Of my heart And keep me warm When it gets dark     Blue Nostalgia And all the shades of blue Fade in the … More Two Poems

Night-Light: A Poem

Hi there! I seem to have a thing for very short poems at the moment – I hope you enjoy this one that I wrote this evening. I have caught A jar of stars To keep beside me Through the dark

Lost: A Poem

Hi there! Please enjoy this short little poem that I wrote this evening. I am forsaken In my hour of need, watching The clock tick on, and The stars whirl, but never finding Any sleep.  

Star-Chime: A Poem

Hi there! Very tired this evening due to having 2 exams today, but I hope you enjoy this product of my weary brain. There are silver bells Hung in the sky That chime softy Through the night And protect your dreams ‘Til morning light.

Venus: An Extract

Hi there! Please enjoy this little extract I wrote about beauty.“Can you see it?” “See what?” “There – just above the horizon. That little point of light.” “What is it?” “Venus. The evening star.” “She’s beautiful.” “Of course she is.” “But it’s not just her.” “How do you mean?” “Look. See how the slightly faded … More Venus: An Extract

Stargazing: A Poem

Hi there! I decided to experiment with layout and spacing today with this new poem. Whilst I wouldn’t be able to explain fully why I’ve laid it out this way, it makes some sort of small amount of sense to me. Anyway, I hope you enjoy!Come Stargazing with me; Let us see what we can … More Stargazing: A Poem