Words: A Poem

What are these humble words That trickle through this space, that thus define The infinite, these closet sounds, That dance like fire in the wind And give me a name; What are these words?

Silence: A Poem

Hi there! Please enjoy this short poem that I wrote this evening. Give it a like if you did, and if you really liked it, why not consider sharing it with the buttons below? Thanks! These broken words drop Soundlessly to the floor, and I Wait, and hold the silence between my palms, And do … More Silence: A Poem

Unsaid: A Poem

Long words, in the pause between two breaths, Twisting like wild-fire, scalding, burning to be said, To writhe like sea-serpents upon a now-stilled tongue, Dodging icebergs of teeth and trying desperately to break free from barred lips, Stone lungs; Circling in an ever swirling vortex of indecision buried deep inside, There those phrases hide and … More Unsaid: A Poem

Voice: A Poem

  Hi there! Please enjoy this little poem that I wrote this evening. As always, feel free to leave a comment with your views. And it was with you I found the voice I thought I’d lost So long ago

Rewritten: A Poem

Hi there! I hope you enjoy this poem that I wrote this evening. I heard every word That dropped from your mouth like a snake, Hissing, and dripping in venom before Dissipating in the cool, crisp, morning air; I felt every phrase that left Its subtle mark, not upon my skin, But somewhere within, upon … More Rewritten: A Poem

Hello: A Poem

Hi there! I know people of both the types mentioned in this poem – I’ll let those who know me figure out who they might be 😉 (I’m joking, you’re all lovely). I hope you all enjoy the poem, let me know if you can relate! Isn’t it funny how Some people Can so dramatically … More Hello: A Poem

Gift: A Poem

Hi there! This is a poem that I drafted fairly recently, but needed a bit of work, and I think I’ve got it to where I want it this evening, so I hope you enjoy. You gave me roses, And a piece of my heart in A box full of smoke, and Somewhere else you … More Gift: A Poem