Ink-Blood Spent: A Poem

Broken fingers bleed ink, Bone-nib pen protrudes from an open wound, Life-blood of words that drips away, Draining a finite pool, until at last, Empty and dry, the author lies, Cracked skin over the fresh page, Deformed fingers listless; And her words live on without her.

Words: A Poem

What are these humble words That trickle through this space, that thus define The infinite, these closet sounds, That dance like fire in the wind And give me a name; What are these words?

Grappling With Idealism: A Poem

She sits, fingers tapping, eyes darting, A desire burning without formation or creation; She wants to write; Something beautiful, something heartfelt, Something that will touch deeply and emotionally Without coming across as cheesy, Cliche; She wants to write something inspiring and insightful, Something earnest and delightful, Something thought-provoking, and truthful; But in these desires she … More Grappling With Idealism: A Poem

Gift: A Poem

Hi there! This is a poem that I drafted fairly recently, but needed a bit of work, and I think I’ve got it to where I want it this evening, so I hope you enjoy. You gave me roses, And a piece of my heart in A box full of smoke, and Somewhere else you … More Gift: A Poem

Work-in-Progress Poetry Extract: ‘I Am the Author; You do not Know Me’

Hi there! These are the first and the last two stanzas of a poem I’ve been working on and would appreciate getting some feedback on if you could spare a minute? The premise of the poem is both bridging and creating the gap that exists between the author/poet and their work, or how the reader … More Work-in-Progress Poetry Extract: ‘I Am the Author; You do not Know Me’

A Writer’s Haiku

Hi there! I’m very tired today from beating my personal best in a half marathon this morning, so I’ve gone for a short little haiku this afternoon. Enjoy! My thoughts drift like clouds In a cooling summer’s breeze; Scattered by the wind.

Writer: An Extract

Hi there! This is a little something I wrote this afternoon. I’m also really happy at the moment, because one of my best friends bought me a typewriter as an early birthday present today, and I can’t wait to write on it! Anyway, I hope you this little extract 🙂 It was a grey day. … More Writer: An Extract